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About me: Cytat

About me

Since I was a kid I've tend to look at the night sky and ask questions. What’s the weirdest planet? Would I come back to the same place if I traveled far enough? How many people are looking at the Moon at the same moment? And how much space do I take?

Humans are very curious creatures, so we tend to ask unanswered questions all the time. Especially about our place and the meaning of what we do. I am looking for it somewhere between ink and paper, in illustrations, because I am infinitely delighted, how many tiny universes we can make on a sheet of paper.

I treat every project as a unique, colorful journey. I love to use illustrations to give a topic different perspective, to combine content and form for making something new. I draw, paint, tear, stick, remake to see what more I can say.

The thing I love the most is combining art and science. I can't get over how far we've come as a species, so I feel grateful whenever I can make a project about technology, philosophy or natural sciences. I want to use my creative mess to interest people about amazing subjects, inspire them to ask questions and to look for answers.

Thank you for visiting my messy space!



Contact me

Contact me

If you want to cooperate with me, ask a question or just talk, I will be delighted to hear from you! 


(+45) 91830661

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